Student Government


Students meet King and Queen of Spain

King Felipe IV of Spain greeted citizens and tourists in Salamanca on April 5. Students studying abroad from Citrus College were able to meet and shake hands with the King and Queen. (Photo courtesy of Ana Afzali) The group of Citrus College students studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain had the opportunity to take a selfie…


Open forum on smoking ban rallies cooperation

Smokers and non-smokers of  the Citrus College student body came together April 7  in CI 159 to voice concerns over a proposed campus-wide smoking ban. The Associated Students of Citrus College executive board, who suggested the ban, hosted the open forum inviting students to share their thoughts on the ban to gauge student support. ASCC…


A success story: From first-generation student to dean

Maryann Tolano-Leveque is the Dean of Students at Citrus College. Tolano-Leveque grew up as a first generation college student who returned to higher education to give back to students. (Evan Solano/Clarion) The new dean of students at Citrus College loves to encourage others to learn, but did not realize the  importance of quality education until…


ASCC Spring 2016 Election results

The Associated Students of Citrus College executive board vice president position for spring 2016  went to Rene Gutierrez. Gutierrez had 80 votes over fall 2015 vice president, Ruben Romero’s 42 votes. Although all seven students running for senators were running unopposed, only four had enough votes to be elected. Diana Garcia, Paul Moreira, Vanessa Salinas…


The tools to face social injustice

As students approach the middle of fall semester and a standard break from studying is necessary, the Associated Students of Citrus College executive board are offering Social Justice and Diversity Week from Oct. 12 to Oct. 16. This is the first social justice and diversity week that has been held at Citrus College. During the…


World Suicide Awareness Day: You are not alone.

Citrus College recognized World Suicide Prevention day at the Campus Center Mall on Sept. 10. Present were several programs like the health center, the Trevor Project and the National Alliance on Mental Illness who set up booths to offer help and outreach to students that might be struggling with or are being affected by suicide….


ASCC to hold special Constitution Day forum

On Sept. 17, the Associated Students of Citrus College will recognize Constitution Day, a day which commemorates the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution in 1787. In 1997, Louise Leigh founded an organization called Constitution Day, Inc. to promote the creation of a national holiday to recognize the importance of the U. S. Constitution….