100 Degree Weather? You’ll Still Need a Sweater

Despite California temperatures skyrocketing mid-October, Citrus College classrooms seem to already be in the spirit of fall. Without any regard of the outside temperature, thermostats in classrooms remain unchanged. students experience classrooms with temperatures below 70 degrees. Temperatures in the beginning of October broke triple digits and remained above 70 degrees until the month approached…


Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Citrus College hosted their 12th annual “Saluting Our Veterans” event on Nov. 8 in the Campus Center Mall. Every year, the campus hosts the event in efforts to show commitment and support in honoring the nation’s troops and the sacrifices our veterans make. Citrus College is well known for being a military friendly campus by…


Elevators deemed safe as four await inspection

Four out of 18 operating elevators on campus still have outstanding permits displayed. The Clarion had previously reported on Oct. 12  that there are 12 operating elevators based on information and access available to reporters. Citrus College Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services Claudette Dain sent out an e-memo to faculty on Oct. 31…


Class Pass not meeting expectations

In spite of having a class pass that allows psychology major Nicholas Passarini to ride the bus for free, he has run into some issues boarding the bus. Passarini relies on the Citrus College Class Pass provided through the school and Foothill Transit. This pass allows Citrus students to ride specific bus lines for free…


Dean prepares for final curtain call

The man who has made a huge impact and inspired faculty and students at Citrus College will no longer be on campus everyday, but his legacy lives on. After working with Citrus College for 30 years, Robert Slack, dean of fine and performing arts, is saying goodbye. Slack will retire in December. Slack has been…

Transfer fair brings networking to campus

Citrus College held its annual transfer fair from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m on Oct. 12 in the Campus Center Mall. The fair was filled with hopeful students in search of answers for their transfer goals. At least 50 college representatives from all over the country were in attendance to answer all of their questions….


Gateway to accessibility made easier

Citrus College will release a portal on Nov. 1 that will link all online inquiries to one simple web page. The new portal has three different sections: Featured, Most Popular and Category of the Day. Similar in appearance to phone app icons, each icon has a different function that redirects the user to specific sites…