15 community colleges to pilot four-year degree programs

By Katie Jolgren | Staff Writer A pilot program will allow 15 California community colleges to offer bachelor’s degrees. With employers looking for more college-educated workers, Gov. Jerry Brown has signed Senate Bill No. 850 to fill the growing workforce demand. The law allows the Chancellor of the California community college system to choose 15

It’s free money- don’t miss out

Students can no longer afford to offer the excuse that they do not qualify for any form of financial aid. College is expensive. Students everywhere dread the thought that once they graduate from a four-year institution, they may drown in the depth of their student loans. Nationwide in 2013, seven in 10 seniors graduated from


Five worthy album of 2014

By Macy Olivas | Staff Writer Although only one album has gone platinum so far this year, 2014 proved to be a fruitful year for underground music. Five albums, surfacing from diverse genres and artists frequenting college radio, deserve more recognition. Against Me!- “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” Against Me! released their sixth studio album this year

Imprisoned by tuition

Rather than forcing universities to pickpocket its students by raising tuition, the state should use taxpayers’ dollars to fund universities with the money these institutions need. State funding for the UC plummeted by 25 percent during the recession, which resulted in the UC receiving $460 million less state funding this year than it did in

Danielle Carlson/Clarion

Ending net neutrality could become a reality

Net neutrality should be protected because it preserves our right to communicate swiftly online. More than 2 billion people use the Internet worldwide and 70 percent of those individuals access it daily. The Internet not only provides society with entertainment sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, but also delivers outlets for free speech and