Waitlist Pro: Improving opportunities

Nobody likes to stand outside of a classroom for two hours, only to be told there are no seats available. For Citrus College students, this waste of time is no longer a problem, as the new waitlist system gives them a good indication of if they will be accepted or turned away.

Everyone likes to be welcomed and the waitlist is a form of acceptance to many.  Not having a waitlist is like telling a student “Try your luck again next time.” With the waitlist, they no longer have to wait outside with their fingers crossed, hoping that someone who has registered is a no-show.

Some students have to return to the next class meeting to find out if they will be able to add.  Those who have to travel great distances feel the burden of traffic delays and the high cost of gas.   The waitlist helps save time and money.

According to the Citrus College website, the waitlist provides a 24 hour window of opportunity to add a class after a seat has become available.

Once a student is added to the list, he or she will receive an email to add a class.  If they drop a course, another student form the list will move up in position depending on the number of students who drop.  The user-friendly interface moves students one step closer to achieving their goals from the comfort of their own homes.

Desperately attempting to add classes on the first day of school is not fun.  The waitlist makes this experience much less stressful.  No one likes to have headaches on the first day of school.

Mount San Antonio College’s waitlist accommodates only 10 students per course.  Mt. SAC is a larger, overpopulated institution, so its waitlist does not accommodate as many students who are trying to enroll at once.

There are 20 positions on the waitlist at Citrus College, which increases the chances of being able to add. A student can be on a waitlist for multiple classes, reducing time wasted running back and forth to fill holes in their own schedules.

The waitlist is easy, accurate and reliable. It is a great improvement over the registration roulette of past semesters.



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