Club Rush

Dozens of clubs gathered around the Campus Center Mall Sept. 19 and 20 in hopes of recruiting new members. Clubs such as Phi Theta Kappa, H.O.P.E, and USGBC approached and introduced themselves to new and returning students to show them what they’re about.

The Inter-Club Council wanted to hold this event to “create new friendships,” as stated a couple of times in their ICC meeting held Sept. 17. The council targets students who want to interact and get involved on campus, in contrast to students just going to school and back home after classes.

This fall semester, the ICC has seen an increase in active clubs compared to last year. This year there are 33 active clubs as opposed to last semester’s 26, representing a 27 percent jump.

“It’s really good to see all these new clubs starting up,” said ICC president Daniel Celebertti. The Global Society, the Swing Club, and the Supernatural Society came to mind.

Celebertti also said he was excited to see the Bruce Lee club and the Veterans Network reactivated. And with 33 active clubs this semester, students not only have more choices, but a greater chance that piques their interests.

The Swing Club, is back after taking 11-year hiatus dating back to 2001. Swing Club president Jeff Slone said that more than 70 people signed up.

“There were various students from the swing dance community that had been [asking] me to start a swing dance club” said Slone. “Once I inquired about it, I found out that I actually knew the president of the club from 11 years ago (Rick Quitoriano) in the swing club community, and therefore we brought it back.”

An up-and-coming club called  United States Green Building Council took a bit of their time to explain what their club was all about and what initiatives they are taking to become a successful group.

Andrea Zapata, vice president of USGBC, said that the club’s purpose was to “raise awareness of the eco-friendly tactics to [construct] buildings in a more sustainable way by ‘recycling’ old demolished materials and use them to build other buildings.”

She also stated the benefits of joining this club would enable students to develop leadership and communication skills which would allow them to interact with others better than before.

There were many other clubs present, all surrounded by curious students who were signing up for the clubs that appealed to them the most. Club booths were not the only attention grabbers present, though.

There was also a Red Cross Blood Drive van present, along with a few food trucks that students were more than happy to check out. KROQ 97.1’s music crew was even present to provide some music.

It was a successful event according to clubs that got many sign-ups and students such as Rebecca Ron, freshman, who had the opportunity to attend the event.

“I like the fact that this is event exists, especially at a community college,” she said. “It’s giving people opportunities to meet other people and create friendships that may last a lifetime.”