Thai food for thought

Travel about half a mile south of the 10 Freeway on Indian Hill Boulevard in Pomona, there is a small Thai food restaurant called Sanamluang Cafe.

Located at 1648 Indian Hill Blvd. in Pomona, the cafe is known for its exotic cuisine. The items I tried off the restaurant’s menu were the Thai beef jerky, Thai salad, grilled beef salad, and the pad Thai noodle.

The restaurant is clean and organized with the hosts offering me a friendly greeting as I walked in the door.  It is not long until the host of the restaurant realizes when customer arrives.  There were a lot of people dining inside, unusual given that it was 9 p.m. on a Tuesday.

The four plates I sampled were extremely satisfying.

Their Thai beef jerky ($7), an appetizer, was certainly a delight.  It is sliced beef deeply fried with a side of homemade Jaw (pronounced gee-ow) sauce. It had a lemony, vinegary taste with a blend of spices and seeds.  The dipping sauce made the beef taste like it was marinated.

The Thai salad ($6), served with boiled eggs is the least expensive salad on the menu. The chicken covered with lemon juice was irresistible and the purple onion nicely complemented the flavor of the green lettuce salad.

The grilled beef salad ($6) beat out the Thai salad as the best dish that night. It was dressed with lime juice, onions and a mixture of green vegetables, garnished with mint leaves and lettuce. The beef was tender on the inside, and the lime juice at the bottom of the bowl with onions was mouthwatering, though spicy.

The pad Thai noodle ($6) is for all noodle lovers. This dish made with shrimp, chicken, and peanuts was a little crunchy, but no single ingredient overpowered the others. The zesty flavored seasoned chicken and shrimp satisfied my hunger, as it easily can feed two people.

And although the food was great, good taste does not overshadow good customer service.

The cafe’s food servers frequently checked the details. My glass was quickly filled with water as soon as it was emptied. They also inquired about the quality of the food.

Sanamluang Cafe definitely catered to its customers and made them feel at home. The music over the speakers also creates a relaxing ambience.

With food at affordable prices and great customer service, it is no wonder so many people dine there late in the evening. A person does not need to travel far to Thailand to eat authentic Thai Food—just exit and drive south for half a mile on Indian Hill Boulevard to get a delicious sample. They open at 10 a.m. and close at 11 p.m. daily.