Editorial: Midterm madness

[David Perez]

What community college students tend to forget is that we are adults now. It is up to us to create our own success stories.

Citrus College offers many support programs to help students better themselves. Midterms are underway and many of us may need help in certain subjects. The Phi Theta Kappa honor society has set a standard for Citrus students. It reads, “My success depends on my choices and my actions.”

Sometimes we take our education and opportunities for granted. Most of us don’t have to pay a dime out of our pockets because we come from low-income families and are granted fee waivers.

But some students often quit simply because they lose interest in classroom content and choose not to participate. The 2012 California Colleges Student Survey of Engagement also reported student engagement has declined between 2006 and 2012.

These students tend to give up too easily and often drop courses.

Statewide statistics have shown only 24 percent of students complete their studies, while an even lower 15 percent actually decide to transfer.

The Community College Survey of Student Engagement survey also showed 59 percent of students said they wanted to complete with a major but 41 percent responded they were still undeclared. Having a specific student plan helps students see what they need to achieve, so the Phi Theta Kappa Completion Corps is encouraging students to look into its pledge. It shows how a student can improve channels of success by simply following the steps. Their pledge to “Count Me In” serves as a reminder that we students determine our futures.

Unfortunately, some decide that spending time with friends is more important than doing an English term paper. Students procrastinate often, neglecting their work until the last minute. Time management is critical. We students have been lectured for years and yet we leave papers, studying and homework for last. It’s only natural that sleep takes over and we end up skipping our assignments.

In the ongoing economic crisis, classes have been removed from the schedule due to insufficient funding. That is why the To-Do List emphasizes creating a Student Educational Plan and sticking to it. Citrus has many student support services to help students better themselves in class such as the Writing Café, Math Lab and Tutoring Center.

Most students don’t look into these support services simply because they don’t know about them. That is why Phi Theta Kappa has pushed the “Count Me In” pledge so students may better themselves. More than half the time we find our classrooms half empty when it comes to midterms, only because students aren’t prepared or certain they’ll fail.

Forming study groups, or just finding a quiet place to study alone has helped many students do better. Some students feel intimidated or embarrassed when going to a stranger for help in tutoring centers, so maybe forming a study group would be better. Another great thing to do is evaluate each other’s performances on exams or projects, pointing out each other’s flaws to help improve.

As college students, it is our duty to strive for our own success. We no longer have anyone handholding us through our courses or pushing us to study and do better on exams.

“My success depends on My choices and My actions” is a motto worth our consideration. Count Us In.


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