Library media technician will retire after 40 years of service

[Shirley Porch]

Library media technician Shirley Porch was honored at her Beatles-themed retirement party on Nov. 8 after 40 years of service at the Hayden Memorial Library

Porch graduated from Gladstone High School in Covina and attended Citrus College in 1970.

In 1972 she received her associates degree in Library Science.  Porch also began working as a library aid in 1972.

“I like the college atmosphere,” said Porch when she was asked about what she likes the most at Citrus College.

Porch also said she will miss the variety of students and college atmosphere.

Porch continued her education at Cal Poly Pomona and received both her Bachelor’s Master’s of Arts in Library Science (in 1986 and 1988 respectively.)

In 1988 she was the acquisitions professor, and both the audio/visual and cataloging lab instructor at Citrus College.

“We became friends over the course of our years together,” said library media technician Tina Guerrero.

Guerrero met Porch when she started working as a department aid in the fall of 1987 when she assisted in different sections of the library.

Guerrero said they became good friends over the years as co-workers and describes her as a very giving person with a “big heart.”  She said Porch can remember everyone.

When she retires she hopes to volunteer at the Glendora Public Library.  She said she currently aids teachers at Stanton Elementary School and hopes to continue volunteering at their library too as soon as her retirement is effective.

“I am really going to miss her,” said Library assistant Maryann Cuevas who started working with Porch in 1992.

She was Cuevas’ instructor when she enrolled as a student worker in a library technology class.

Cuevas also described Porch as helpful and knowledgeable person.

Cuevas attended Porch’s retirement party and described it as a really nice and enjoyed the company of former coworkers who have also retired.

Porch also enjoys reading books, ceramic painting, and makes baby bibs on her spare time.  Among other things that Porch hopes to accomplish when she retires is to enroll in an aerobics class at Citrus College and begin her cardiovascular exercises.

“I will miss the staff, faculty, [and] students. I enjoy helping them, “ said Porch.

Porch’s last day of work will be on Dec. 21 2012.







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