Ed’s Place is the spot for satisfying eats

[Sarah Bujanda] The Baja Pepper Jack Burger at Ed’s Place in Old Town Glendora is a lunch must-have.

[Sarah Bujanda] The Baja Pepper Jack Burger at Ed’s Place in Old Town Glendora is a lunch must-have.

It’s another one of those days. You’re running around campus—tired, a little hungry and light in the wallet. When it comes to the topic of food, finding quality, affordable meals near campus can be difficult for a student or faculty member on the go.

However, instead of settling for that soda and bag of chips or empty calories at a local fast food joint, venture a mile down the road to 141 N. Glendora Boulevard and stop in at Ed’s Place.

Located in Old Town Glendora, Ed’s Place has been a local favorite for about six years.  Formerly known as “Café Chloe,” the diner quickly became known as Ed’s Place because everything from the food to the décor reflects the passions of the man behind the grill—Ed.

At first glance, the menu selection at Ed’s Place seems modest at best, but as I soon found out, there is nothing modest about the gourmet quality food that Ed whips up in his kitchen.

Open daily from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. for breakfast and lunch, Ed offers a variety of classic breakfast favorites, sandwiches, burgers, salads and daily signature specials.

If you’re one of those people that need a little more special care and attention, Ed can accommodate your needs too. Ed cares so much about meeting the satisfaction of his customers that on his menu, top and center you will find a note that reads: “If you don’t see what you want, just ask! If we have the fixins’ we’ll fix it!”

To top it all off, not a single menu item costs more than $10. Ed’s Place offers several options for dining on a budget, which include breakfast combos, sandwich and burger specials and a fountain service complete with floats, sodas, malts, shakes and ice cream.

Over a number of visits, I’ve had the pleasure of trying several dishes at Ed’s and it seems that even the most traditional menu choices seem to have been worked over by Ed’s special and savory genius!

Though I have quite a few breakfast favorites at Ed’s, a recent trip over the weekend prompted me to order off of their rotating menu of “daily specials.” I felt like some banana pancakes and stuffed French toast would be adventuresome enough. Since all food is made to order and never frozen, I expected a bit of a wait for a worthwhile meal.

Much to my surprise, it took a mere 10 minutes from the time I made my order until my server placed it in front of me.

The banana pancakes were a sheer delight, with whole slices of real bananas inside and the perfect touch of cinnamon. The pancakes were naturally sweet thanks to the perfectly ripened bananas and a dash of sweet maple syrup.

Stuffed with whipped cream cheese, fresh strawberries and a touch of orange marmalade, the stuffed French toast proved to be a delicious upgrade from traditional French toast. The strawberries were sweet with just a bit of tart and tangy flavor from the orange marmalade, which paired nicely with the fluffy texture of the bread. Along with the sweetness from the fruit, the creamy texture from the cream cheese pulled all of the dishes’ components together, ultimately producing a succulent and divine creation.

The Stuffed French Toast at Ed’s Place defines over-the-top breakfast decadence.

[Sarah Bujanda] The Stuffed French Toast at Ed’s Place defines over-the-top breakfast decadence.

In addition, because Ed’s boasts a unique selection of burgers on the lunch portion of their menu, I decided to put one to the test— a burger is just a burger after all. Again I was wrong.

Once I delved into the Baja Pepper Jack Burger and tasted the juicy and tender nature of this hand formed all beef patty, complete with lettuce, tomato, pickles, purple onion, avocado, and a slight spread of chipotle mayo, I realized that Ed does nothing small when it comes to food.

The 100 percent beef patty was juicy, well-seasoned and cooked to medium-well perfection. A lightly toasted potato bun helped to hold the burger together by soaking up the juices and adding a buttery texture. The lettuce, tomatoes and onion were crisp and refreshing, while every dill pickle added the perfect crunch and slight vinegar tang. As for the hero of our dish (the “Baja” part of the burger), the pepper jack cheese and chipotle sauce added a delicious, spicy kick without overpowering the other elements and flavors of the burger itself.

Not only is Ed’s Place highly regarded by Glendora locals for the impeccable taste and quality of their food, but they have also earned five star reviews on yelp.com along with receiving top ratings on restaurant.com.

My mouth still waters as I recall my breakfast/lunch from a few days ago, and luckily, my frequent presence on campus promises that another delicious meal from Ed’s is in my future.