Get paid to shop

coupons22Lets face it; no one likes footing the bill on groceries. I of all people can’t stand going and buying my groceries at once, I try to only buy what I need and when I need it.


I thought that this method was the smart thing to do until I witnessed someone doing “extreme couponing.” I watched a lady fill two carts of miscellaneous items at a CVS and get paid $7 to walk out with it. I couldn’t believe it! She said that she was donating most of the personal hygiene items to a homeless shelter.


This intrigued me since I am on a college student budget, so I have been trying to master this art. Turns out it is possible because certain stores will allow you to combine offers, and double certain coupons. Only a few stores allow you to do this in California, but it’s still possible. These stores are Albertsons, CVS, Rite-Aid and Target.


In this economy it amazes me that this could be possible and so unknown. You would think that everyone would be exploiting this.