Choose talking over texting

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McClatchy-Tribune Media Services

Everywhere you look, people are constantly on their smart phones or iPods, disconnected from the people around them. Put down those life-sucking devices and enjoy life, people!

I cannot tell you how many times I have been stopped behind a driver who was texting and made me miss the green light.

This texting obsession does not just happen when we are behind the steering wheel but also in our social life. When my friends and I get together to catch up, at least one of them is on her phone.

People who are engulfed in the online world are missing out on so much. I would love to see my friend’s beautiful faces looking up and paying attention to the real people around them especially me.

My friends are not the only culprits guilty of texting in an inappropriate setting. A couple of weeks ago at my brother’s eighth grade promotion ceremony there was a lady from the school district on stage that was texting through out the entire ceremony.

Are your news feeds on Facebook or Instagram more important than what is taking place right in front of you? Save the tweets for your down time, when you are alone.

Be in the moment. Enjoy what is taking place around you rather than what is on the screen.

Texting while you are at dinner, with friends is draining away attention from those who deserve it.

When everyone is sitting around the dinner table with his/her phone I feel as if I am eating dinner alone.

Enjoy your family, listen to them talk about their day. It will make your parents happy and you just might find that it makes you happy too.

So save those precious posts for solitary moments when you are reflecting on your day.

Sure, today’s communication technology is great, but ironically it can ruin the way we communicate with each other.

Texting is disconnecting us from our emotions and the way we express ourselves. For example instead of telling someone how we feel in words most of my friends use an emoticon instead.

Because we abbreviate so many words while texting, it is also affecting the way we spell. Expressions like, be right back, laugh out loud, thanks for the invite, no problem and throw back Thursdays.

So next time you are on your smart phone, look around and check to see if you are taking away from the focused attention you should first be giving someone.

Next time you are out with friends or family, leave the phone in your pocket. You might just find yourself enjoying their company.