Do your grades a favor: get help

Careesa Art085The semester is half over and midterm exams are upon us. If you are attending class regularly, doing your homework and are still struggling to make good grades, it is time to take action. Sign up for tutoring.

Citrus College offers students many academic resources to help us achieve academic success. The problem is too few students take advantage of them.

The Learning Resources include: Supplemental Instruction in MA 126, the Writing Café in ED 231, Math Lab in MA 129 and tutoring services in ED 215.

The Early Alert program also offers study skills workshops for students who receive an academic probation email.

Each semester the one hour workshops include: time-management, note-taking outlining, reading and study skills, preparing for exams, memory techniques, math anxiety and study skills, goal setting, motivation, learning styles and stress management.

A typical argument students make is they cannot afford the cost of tutoring. Fortunately for us at Citrus, all services are free.

Some students feel too ashamed to admit they need help. Fear of embarrassment keeps them from signing up. No one wants to feel stupid.

Walking through the doors of ED 215, MA 126 and ED 231 takes courage. Some students may fear that their peers will label them as incompetent if they ask for help.

A struggling student cannot sacrifice their academic achievement based on these thoughts. In the end, your grade is a reflection of what you learned and what you did with that knowledge. That is what counts.

Some students are afraid of one-on-one meetings and others are intimidated by group settings. Luckily, Citrus tutors are trained to offer students both approaches on a wide variety of subjects.

Tutoring services include virtually all subjects, including the typical math, English and science, not to mention oceanography, philosophy, speech and German.

A lot of students do not realize that tutoring is a solution. Understanding and retaining the material presented in a fast-paced class can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to mean defeat.

Some students may be too shy to ask for clarification in front of an entire class. Others may not want to interrupt the professor’s lecture. In a tutoring center, that is never the case.

Time management is a problem for college students. Many will rightfully argue that they do not have extra time to spend on campus.

In these cases, online tutoring will be available at the start of the spring semester for English, math and biology.

No sign-ups or appointments need to be made. Online tutoring is a simple way to get help when you are not at school or do not want to be tutored in person. Students can communicate with a tutor through messaging, video, audio or phone.

Tutoring has proven to be successful for students. With all the great options the college offers, it seems foolish not to attend. Give it a try.