Timely Alert, Protect Yourself

With winter approaching the days are getting shorter. The growing of longer nights provides criminals with cover.

Studies show there is a 7 percent increase in crimes once daylight savings time ends.

In order for students to stay safe it is imperative to increase awareness this time of year.

Citrus College Campus Safety is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Unfortunately, they cannot be everywhere all the time. It is important that we take part in preventing crime on campus.

Citrus College is a safe environment but the potential for danger is undeniable.

If you check your student email, you may have noticed a number of alert messages from Campus Safety regarding recent incidents that have occurred on or near campus.

These crimes range from indecent exposure to a student being robbed at knife point.

Although we do appreciate email alerts, they can do little to prevent these incidents.

Morning is the most challenging time to find parking.  It is not uncommon to have to park a distance away.  As spaces become available throughout the day, you can move your car in closer between classes, to avoid walking farther.

Unfortunately, crimes can occur anywhere, at anytime, from the restrooms to the library.

Citrus keeps lighting across campus and parking lots to a minimum to reduce costs.  But this provides the perfect conditions for criminal activity. Motion detecting lights would be a reasonable compromise.

Motion detectors would be especially helpful on the corners of buildings and inside long corridors and dark stairwells.

Surveillance cameras should be increased. With the recent assault in the Hayden Memorial Library, Citrus is taking the initiative and installing cameras in the library.

But what about the other 43 buildings on campus? Even just one visible camera in a building may be enough to deter an assailant.

There are many things Citrus can do to improve campus safety, but for immediate action, we can only depend on ourselves.

Walk with a friend whenever possible.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Avoid dark areas as much as possible and above all, stay alert. Campus Safety’s phone number is (626) 914-8611.  Save it into your cellphone for easy access.