Getting to know your Fighting Owls

We asked this Owls’ record holder to take a break from ripping the back of nets and answer some questions.

Freshman Grayson Iwasaki tallied a total of 12 goals for the Owls this season, good enough for the most goals scored in a single season in Owls’ history.

Dillon Cooper: What is your pregame meal?

Grayson Iwasaki: Waba Grill.

DC: Who is your favorite athlete?

GI: Cristiano Ronaldo.

DC: What are your immediate plans after Citrus College?

GI: Transfer to a university and keep on playing soccer.

DC: If you could play any other sport, what would it be?

GI: Basketball or bowling.

DC: How would you describe coach Fred Bruce-Oliver?

GI: Different.

DC: As a child, what did you want your career to be?

GI: I’ve always aspired to be a soccer player.

DC: What was your favorite childhood activity?

GI: Running around with my friends, having a good time.

DC: What do you want to get out of playing soccer here at Citrus College?

GI: A better understanding for the game.

DC: How would you compare high school soccer to soccer at college?

GI: It’s definitely a lot more physical.  You need to be a lot stronger and faster.

DC: As a freshman did you feel any added pressure coming into the season?

GI: No.  I felt that as a freshman I could just come in and do my thing and show what I could do.

DC: What is your dream college?


DC: What are your career goals?

GI: Marine biology. I’ve always had an interest in sharks; I want to help them.

DC: What has been the best moment of your soccer career?

GI: Scoring four goals in one half against Azusa for my high school team.

DC: Who are your heroes?

GI: My parents Greg Iwasaki and Sherri May-Colligan.

DC: Who is someone on the soccer team that you look up to?

GI: Silbestre Valencia.

DC: What is your favorite movie?

GI: “Goal”

DC: Who is your favorite musical artist?

GI: The Dirty Heads.

DC: What is your dream car?

GI: Lamborghini.

DC: What musical artist is your guilty pleasure?

GI: Adele.

DC: Battle of the sandwiches: PB&J or cold cuts?

GI: PB&J, you can’t beat that.

DC: If you could pick three people to have lunch with, alive or dead, who would they be?

GI: Heath Ledger, David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson.


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