New Year, New You

After indulging in food-centric holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is little wonder that the top New Year’s resolution is weight loss.


Unfortunately, few Americans stick with their plans to diet.


Losing weight and keeping it off are difficult tasks. Even for those who do persevere, it can take months of effort to see results.


People who are trying to slim down often become discouraged and either give up or try extreme alternatives.


I have learned the hard way that intense dieting is not the solution to maintaining successful weight loss.


Having tried numerous starvation diets that claimed they would result in fast weight loss, I ended up gaining more pounds than I had tried to lose.


After realizing that starving myself and calling it a diet wasn’t working, I decided to change my regular eating habits.


I cut out all fast food and drank only water.


In less than two weeks, I could already see a difference.


This approach has become a lifestyle.


Swapping out fried chicken for grilled chicken, choosing water over soda, and eating frozen yogurt instead of ice cream are simple changes in eating habits that make us feel healthier and look better.


The best way to get started is to take small steps.


Find an accountability buddy, set a specific, practical goal in a reasonable time frame and you will make progress.


Don’t give up on your resolution. Find a way to make it work for you.