Showcase brings the ‘world to an end’

From the student writers, directors, and actors of Citrus College comes a play that takes a new spin on the apocalypse: “Scenes From the End of The World”, being performed June 3rd at 5pm in the Little Theatre.

Unlike the Fall student showcase, “Emerging American Voices”, where professors handle the directing of student works, this play is an entirely student created and implemented.

“It’s a good opportunity to take ownership and show what we can do. We have a lot of talent in this program, from writing to directing to acting.” Kevin Williams, one of the main four students behind the show’s evolution, said.

Formed through a string of scenes, the showcase illustrates what life might be like when the end of humanity is near. The scenes are arranged in a weekday order, with the last day being the day the world is set to end, and each represent a different stage of grief.

The settings of the scenes range from therapist offices to talk show sets to remote laboratories, taking the audience through all walks of life before the end of life itself. This show is sure to bring something for everyone.

“It’s a very real show. It brings everything to the surface.” Alex Pinedo, a writer for two of the scenes, said. “That thing you’re hiding deep down inside of you? It’s in this show.”

This idea was schemed up by promising theatre aficionados Kevin Williams and Jacquie Fregeolle. The two joined their writing skills together with Alex Pinedo and Nathan Gonzales.

Williams, Fregeolle, and Gonzales are also directing pieces for the show, joined by Arturo Alvarez, Ryan Lyle, and Travis Croushore. Natalia Esquivel is the stage manager.

The 23 person cast is impressive enough, but the real amazement comes from the teamwork of all who have worked on it: Finding time and space to plan, rehearse, and cohesively unite the artists of tomorrow on campus.

“I’m very proud of all that we’ve created here together: a special piece of theatre, partnerships, teams, friendships and futures.” Fregeolle said.