Active shooter reported at LAX, not confirmed

Los Angeles International Airport was under lock down and investigation for an alleged active shooter. Reports were not conformed.

The entire airport was locked down Sunday, Aug. 28, until 10 p.m. People were seen running out of the building across from Parking 1 Around 8:50 p.m.


A crowd of people wait for clearance after an active shooter report about 8:50 p.m Aug. 28 at Los Angeles International Airport

A witness in terminal 4 said TSA ran in yelling about an active shooter and asking for everyone to hid behind ticket counters for almost 30 minutes.

The witness said she heard gunshots but other reports are saying there were none.

Most of the patrons in the airport were crammed into terminal P1 as well as the street during the lock down except for those who fled the building waiting outside.  Travelers walking to P1 for answers were asked to return to their vehicles.

Traffic to main terminals has been stalled as reported in the Los Angeles Times. They have not found any confirmation of an active shooter yet.

All flights were stopped during the lock down.

There has also been report of a false alarm. Mixed reports have been given and nothing is yet confirmed.

Traffic began moving again around 10:32 p.m.