Board Calls Special Meeting Addressing Employee Complaint

The Citrus College Board of Trustees has called a special meeting to address two matters concerning Citrus College employees, including the possibility of a employee’s dismissal.

The special meeting will take place at 4:15 on Tuesday, March 7 in the Board Room in AD 109 on the Citrus College Campus.

The special meeting’s agenda addresses two orders of business:
"1. Appeal of Administrative Determination regarding Employee Complaint (AP 7101)

2. Per Section 54957: Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release"

From (AP 7101), the Discrimination Complaint Procedure: Students, Employees, and Job Applicants, if a student, job applicant or employee wishes to file an unlawful discrimination complaint they must report it in person to the Director of Human Resources.

If the direction of human resources has reason to believe on first impression that the allegation is worth investigating, the party with a complaint is entitled to safeguard from retribution for accusations and an investigation will proceed.

The District is entitled to an impartial investigator tasked with providing a report containing:

  1. A description of the circumstances giving rise to the complaint;
  2. A summary of the testimony provided by each witness, including the Complainant and any witnesses identified by the Complainant in the complaint;
  3. An analysis of any relevant data or other evidence collected during the course of the investigation;
  4. A specific finding as to whether discrimination did or did not occur with respect to each allegation in the complaint; and
  5.  Any other information deemed appropriate by the District.

After completing its investigation, the district gives its resulting Administrative Determination to the complaining party.

The result includes “the determination as to whether discrimination did or did not occur with respect to each allegation in the complaint, a description of actions taken, if any, to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future, the proposed resolution of the complaint, and the Complainant’s right to appeal to the District Board of Trustees and the Chancellor.”

The complaining party is allowed to appeal the results of the Administrative Determination.

The meeting’s first order of business is this appeal.

The second order of business has not been explicitly stated to be related to the result first, but its inclusion in the special meeting implies the issues are related.

No names of the people involved have been released. Personnel matters are given privacy until the matter is resolved.

The meeting will be a closed session.

The board meeting will be open to the public beforehand to address questions to the board.

According to the Brown Act, the board may listen to the public during this time cannot take action on matters mentioned.

Members of the public who wish to address the board must fill out the “Request to Address Board of Trustees” form and submit it to Christine Link, the Recording Secretary of the Board. Link’s email is

The Clarion will cover the meeting and its results. Follow here or on Twitter: @CCClarion.


*Story updated to reflect the meeting room. The meeting will be in AD 109, not AD 209.



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