Meals on wheels: mobile food truck comes to campus

Photo Illustration by Megan Bender / Clarion

A motion to approve a mobile food truck which will provide food resources for Citrus College students was voted on and passed by the Associated Students of Citrus College on March 14.

Favian Fragoso, a student senator for ASCC, said the motion was approved by a unanimous vote, aside from one member who was not present at the time of the vote.

Fragoso said the truck, provided through a program called Feeding America, will serve as a monthly resource on campus for students in need and should provide about 30 to 40 pounds of food per student.

The cost for the Mobile Food Pantry will be $600 for three months, which covers the cost of fuel for the truck, not the food, which will be supplied for free. ASCC has paid for three months of the food truck’s service.

The food truck will make visits until the end of May, Fragoso said.

A difference between the food pantries and other food resources available on campus and the mobile food truck is that there will be larger quantities available with the food truck, although it will only be available once a month.

“A problem that they are having is students come and they have a set amount, but it’s not enough food to go around,” Ivan Garcia, ASCC commissioner at large, said. “The food truck will distribute large quantities of food and students can come with large bags to stock up for the month if they need it.”

Garcia said he is optimistic that the food truck will solve a lot of issues students have been bringing up to ASCC in the past.

In addition to the new food resource of the mobile food truck, students also have other options if needed.

One resource, although students have to pay for it, is the Owl Cafe and Grill which is open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday through Thursday.

The cafe closed Fridays, holidays and weekends and is located on campus below the Owl Student Center, across from the Hayden Library.

Other available resources for students in need includes food banks in the community, such as the Canyon Christian Fellowship, Covina Assembly of God, Shephard’s Pantry, and Cory’s Kitchen.

The hours of operation for these resources and specific information about how to access them is posted online at the Citrus College Food and Housing Website,

Students can also contact the Citrus College Financial Aid Office for a complete list of resources.