Library recharged: Charging stations meet student needs

A picture of one of two KwikBoost charging stations in Hayden Memorial Library on the second floor. Photo by Mercedes Broadway / Clarion

The Hayden Library’s installation of two KwikBoost charging stations was a response to student needs.

The charging stations were the result of a bi-annual survey and the stations allow students to charge their mobile devices.

The library conducts the bi-annual survey in April and October. In April, the library surveyed about 500 students. The students were asked to select a change they would like the library to fund.

Sarah Bosler, public services librarian, said the charging station was received and implemented the week of May 9.

“Every once in a while, we have students that will ask or they might have forgotten their charger at home, they’re running low on their battery and they would ask at the reference desk occasionally for a charger,” Bosler said.

Bosler said there are no other charging stations on campus other than those located in the library.

“I’m hoping that our stations can be the beginning of an expansion of that on campus,” Bosler said.

One station is located on the first floor, the other station is located on the second floor. Both have eight different connectors for various types of devices.

The cost was “just under $1,000,” Bosler said.

The option that rivaled the charging station in the results of the survey was a filtered water bottle refilling station. Another option was to allow students to check out laptops.

Lari Kirby, online education/library services supervisor, said the charging stations were added due to student interest.

“The reason we added them is because the students wanted them and we take our data from the student survey, and we go through and look at their recommendations, suggestions or desires to add to or delete from the problems in the library,” Kirby said.

Rita Amacher, library media technician, said the charging stations are more convenient for the students.

Students can check out individual chargers for use in the facility as well.

The filtered water bottle refilling station is still potentially in the works.