Letter to the editor: Keep it up


Glad to see you guys have not let the summer pass you by. I was absolutely floored when I peeled open the first issue of the Clarion to find that article about President Perri’s secret payroll meeting, and doubly floored when I read the SGV Tribune’s own Edward Barrera take up the story as well. Just in case anyone still doubts that the Clarion makes news, there’s your proof. I don’t know Ms. Perri personally, but this is not the kind of thing that engenders respect towards public servants. Perhaps the middle of a budget crisis is not the best time to go from gold to platinum membership without telling anyone.

I’m glad to see that the Clarion team you’ve put together pulls no punches, and neither do you. David, don’t let anyone give you any lines about “not biting the hand that feeds.” This is as real as journalism gets, and I will be looking for more top-notch reporting like this in the future.


-Matthew Hutchings
Former Clarion Staffer